Activities of the Association of Persons with Disabilities «A Better Tomorrow» of the Town of Koprivnica


Activities of the Association of Persons with Disabilities «A Better Tomorrow» of the Town of Koprivnica


The members of the Association are physically disabled persons, family members of persons with disabilitiesprofessionals,supporting members and volunteersThe Association is financed from the budgets of the Town of Koprivnica and the Koprivnica-Križevci County, applications from the state budget,funds from other donorsmembership fees, grants of legal and natural persons andfrom activities allowed in the AssociationThe Town ceded to the Association premises free of charge which are in architectural termssuitable for people with disabilities to use.

At the initiative of the Association a series of actions for the reconstruction and adaptation of buildings which house institutions of public concern in the Town of Koprivnica was launched in Koprivnica and also many urban barriers were removed. The Association provides services aimed at improving the quality of life of members – we visit immovable and slightly movable members in their homesat hospitals or rehabilitation facilities and we help membersof seriousfinancial and social status so as to encourage competent institutions or local governments to improve their living conditionsThe basic objective of the Association is to actively participate in the directapplication and development of a social model of care for its members in accordance with theprovisions of the National Strategyfor Persons with Disabilities of the Republic of Croatia for the period2007 – 2015 and carefully monitor the system in which people withdisabilities must be taken into account as subjects with equal conditions and possibilities so that in everyday life and work their specificneeds are respected and they are treated with dignityThe specific objective of the Association is emphasising the explicitliability of the local government to create materialphysical and otherconditions of work and independent functioning of the Association.



–       gathering of people with disabilitiestheir families and professionals to create better living conditions in the overall community;

–     creating conditions for the provision of social services thatare not provided by the state outside the so-called institutionalservices for an independentlife, education and employment ofpersons with disabilities;

–       implementation of measures of the Strategy of Uniform Policy for Persons with Disabilities of the Town of Koprivnica;

–     providing assistance to members in exercising their rightsguaranteed by law in the Republic of Croatia;

–       organization of professional, educational, sporting andrecreational activities for members;


–       the promotion of artistic and creative expression of members;

–     cooperation with similar organizationsthe Association ofDisabled of the Koprivnica-Križevci CountyMultiple Sclerosis Society of the Koprivnica-Križevci CountyAssociation of Disabled Workers KoprivnicaAssociation of the Blind of the Koprivnica-Križevci Countythe Association to Help People withMental Retardation Koprivnica and other related organizations in the area of the Koprivnica-Križevci County for sharing experiencesplanning joint activitiesand organizingconferences and meetings for members;

–       cooperation with distributors and repairers of orthopaedic aids.



–       implementation of activities in accordance with the Statute; Plan and Programme of Work and Financial Plan of Revenues and Expenditures of the Association for the current year;


–       organization of the core business, office work, performing administrative and secretarial tasks, organizing the annual Assembly, meetings of the Board and the Supervisory Board in accordance with the Statute of the Association;


–       implementation of acts and decisions of the governing bodies of the Association (the Assembly, the Management Board, Supervisory Board and Disciplinary Commission;


–       attendance at professional educational events organized by cooperative associations, federation of associations of persons with disabilities, local or national authorities and institutions relevant to people with disabilities;


–       development of promotional materials about the activities of the Association in order to provide information and create conditions for equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in the community;


–       marking the dates which are important for people with disabilities; International Day of Disabled Persons – December 3, National Day of Persons with Cerebral Palsy – May 5, the National Day of Persons with Neuromuscular Diseases – May 21, the European Mobility Week – September 16 to 22, (foot train, stand, exhibitions and presentations of orthopaedic supplies and customised vehicles for people with disabilities …), participating in activities marking the dates which are important for the Town of Koprivnica particularly the Recital “Hand in Hand”; the Motives of Podravina, the Renaissance Festival, the Day of Koprivnica – November 4, and the Christmas Fair by presenting works from creative and other activities of the Association


–       activities to enable the largest possible number of parking spaces for persons with disabilities, issue of certificates for preferred phone and TV subscriptions, and membership in the HAK (Croatian Automobile Club) for people with physical disabilities from 80-100%;


–       informing members and the public through electronic and print media, Facebook pages of the Association, Association website;


–       activities to inform about the importance of volunteering and motivating members and citizens for volunteering in the Association;


–       implementation of projects and programmes of social services that are not provided by the state outside the so-called institutional services for an independent life, education and employment of persons with disabilities.


The primary objectives of the Association are achieved by carrying out the following activities:

–       signing in new members and keeping records ofmembershipanimating people with disabilitiestheir familiesand friends as well as prominent publicworkers to join, actively participate and support the work of the Association;

–     initiatingplanning and executing programmes that promote the social model approach to persons with disabilitiescreating the conditions forindependent livingthe best possible medical and vocational rehabilitation, training, and conditions for education and employment;

–       collecting information about the living conditions of membersand initiating enforcement of laws and social changes thatdirectly affect the quality of life of persons with disabilities;

–     actively participating, both directly and indirectly, through the National Federation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in proposing new laws and regulations in favour of people with disabilities, initiating and proposing amendments to legislation and other regulations at both local and national levels and assisting members in exercising their rights;

–     organizing artistic and creative workshops for members of the Association as well as cultural and entertainment programmes, vocational and educational, sports – recreational activities for all members of the Association;

–       participating in community events in Koprivnica organized by the Town or independent events organized by the Association to promote and develop the sensibility of citizens without disabilities towards people with disabilities;

–     assists members in exercising their rights to vocational rehabilitation, education and employment, the removal of architectural and urban barriers in the home after the incident, purchase or adaptation of special aids and other reasonable adjustments, participates in the development and implementation of measures of the Strategy of Uniform Policyfor Persons with Disabilities of the Town of Koprivnica; coordinates the programme of customized transportation in the Town of Koprivnica as a measure of the Strategy of Uniform Policy for Persons with Disabilities of the Town of Koprivnica;

–       cooperation with local governments, institutions which are directly or indirectly responsible for solving the problems of people with disabilities;

–     cooperation with similar organizations of persons with disabilities throughout Croatia, for sharing experiences, planning joint activities, and organizing conferences and meetings aimed at strengthening the movement of people with disabilities across Croatia;

–       collaboration with manufacturers, dealers and distributors of orthopaedic and other technical aids for persons with disabilities and specialized firms and corporations willing to cooperate;

–     advocates the development of appropriate institutional forms of care for persons with disabilities in its area of operation; initiates and encourages actions related to the construction, remodelling, renovation and equipping of buildings and facilities intended for treatment and rehabilitation, health, tourism, leisure, recreation and sports, accommodation, housing, education and employment of persons with disabilities;

–       performs all other duties that are of interest to the Association and its members.



Creating a system of equal opportunities and conditions and observing the rightsrespecting the needs, opportunities, and the dignity of persons withdisabilities.


Active gathering of people with disabilities to promote and encouragesocial carehealth caresocial, humanitarian and other interests, and the full and equalenjoyment of all human rights and thepreservation of the dignity of persons with disabilities.